Marketing strategy

How does Razzhigaev & Company create marketing strategies for small and medium business:

Why is it so important?

Marketing strategy is the corner stone of the marketing activities of your company. All actions like marketing, advertising, PR and sales must be focused on one idea – in other words they must be in unison with this strategy and not act against it. All those co-ordinated actions bring this strategy to life.

Should marketing strategy be compared to the trunk of a tree, then all advertising, PR, exhibitions/expositions, prints, sales representatives and places of actual sales etc. would be the branches. Increased sales numbers would be the fruits then. That’s why this strategy reaches it’s full potential only then, when all tactical moves are made in correct order and are based on the strategy.

What’s it to you?

Marketing strategy gives you a clear vision about the most efficient sales tactics for your company and why you shouldn’t use different sales methods. What is the difference between your company and others. What are the characteristics of the potential consumer, who would be most beneficial for your company. What are his needs and for what kind of services would he be willing to pay. What type of offers he prefers to conclude the deal. How to present the offers and how to take them to the buyer in order for him to buy exactly what you are selling.

You can sell a refrigerator with sales arguments like this: it’s cheap, big, grey, power saving, has three chambers, is produced in Germany, is designed in high-tech style etc. But if you were not aware of the fact that for the next three years clients will be interested in refrigerators, produced from ecological materials, you will be selling like everybody else and not reaching the maximum selling potential. It’s not so important WHAT you sell, but HOW you sell it.

How to do it?

HOW exactly you should do it will be written in your marketing strategy. This is a report with many sections, contents of which will be based on the specific targets your company has created for itself. This is why all the building blocks of your marketing strategy, especially the expected sales numbers, will be discussed thoroughly with the management of your company (marketing, sales) and with the top managers who make the financial decisions.

Nobody knows your business better than you do. Concerning your business, our company is not an expert. Razzhigaev & Company is creating marketing strategies which main aim is to grow the sales numbers. The fee for our services is directly connected with the achieved results.

Both parties will be interested in success and our co-operation will be like a two-way street. Sharing information, experiences and ideas is vital for better understanding the specific traits of your company. This, in turn, helps to increase the sales.

How to begin?

When contacting us, you will find answers to questions like: how we can help, the deadlines, payment terms, what kind of marketing experience we have. Also you will take a look at the list of our clients and view the results they have achieved.